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About Us

Americas3 is a powerful and thought-provoking, musical/theatrical variety show in eight languages about what it means to be American - South, Central, and North.  At the same time, it is a personal portrait: the Native American, African, and European currents that 500 years ago became the foundation for what contemporary Americans have become, are embodied in the lead singers of Americas3.   


Americas3 showcases diversity coupled with commonality.  It presents a gallery of musical and literary snapshots as it takes audiences on a symbolic journey of experiences shared by humans everywhere:  migration, suffering, work, love, sense of place, and celebration. It is a production that purposefully mixes well-known covers with lesser known traditional songs, as well as original compositions. 


In Americas3, salsa and rock and roll classics meet a traditional Lakota lullaby and a cowboy tune from Venezuela; Maya Angelou's poetry meets personal narratives; and musical virtuosity meets theatrical expression.  This 75-minute show can be presented as a stand-alone feature or as a full-length show in conjunction with a short concert highlighting the talents of each individual cast member, including the sound and light technicians! 


Americas3 offers wonderful opportunities to incorporate singers and choirs (all ages and ability levels), as well as  local mariachi musicians and/or local trumpeters and violinists in the show (advance coordination required). We also offer workshops on diversity (for high school, college, and adult audiences), school assemblies (all ages), master classes, lectures on a variety of topics, and "meet-the-artist" activities. 



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